Founded in Hong Kong for over 30 years

Hong Kong is our home and our home is our vision and motivation.

With investments over HK$10 million, our mission is to deliver one of the highest standards in disposable 5-Ply mask made in Hong Kong along our state-of-the-art Clean Room manufacturing facility!

About Homey Bliss Mask

Faced with the global outbreak of new COVID-19 challenges, masks were in shortage in many countries around the globe leading to many people, especially those in Hong Kong having to queue up all night and day in order to secure a protection for their families. Homebridge Industries saw this sorrowful situation and took immediate action to invest funds for producing high-quality masks for Hong Kong and Global citizens. Homebridge Industries, established in the early 90's began by producing high precision watches under leading technologies with strict manufacturing procedures. With its accumulated years of hi-tech manufacturing experience, Homebridge Industries is dedicated in pursuing the highest standards to each manufacturing detail ensuring the best outcome. As simple as a multi-layer mask maybe, Homebridge Industries has extreme confidence to overcome the complexity and challenges from selecting safe-guard materials, fine tuning machinery for precision to establishing the most enhanced modern facility setup.

Homebridge Industries established “Homey Bliss” for procurement of high-quality raw materials, setup of a medical-grade Clean Room (ISO Class 7 under 14644-1), managing precise production techniques and rigorous quality testing in achieving global certifications for each mask. Our number ONE priority is delivering safe and effective face masks to each individual!

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