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Homey Bliss Nano Mask Delta Pressure Deviation as Low as: 40.3 Pa/cm2


Homey Bliss’ customers have been expressing their confidence in the quality of our masks with proven breathability. However, as the breathability certificate has not yet been received from the Nelson Lab in the United States, which conducted a number of tests on our mask, we have not been able to announce the Delta Pressure Deviation of our masks.

In view of this, we decided to offer our customers with doubled assurance by sending our masks to internationally recognized Guangzhou Institute of Quality Supervision and Inspection for EN14683:2019 Standard testing. The result shows that the Delta Pressure Deviation of our masks is as low as 40.3 Pa/cm2 (the smaller the value, the higher the breathability).

“Homey Bliss” Mask Testing Data:
✅BFE: >99.9%
✅Delta P: 40.3 Pa/cm2 (<60. The smaller the value, the higher the breathability)
✅PFE: >99.8%
✅Fluid Resistance : 160mmHg
✅Flame Spread : Class 1

ASTM Level and EN14683:2019 Standards attached for reference
ASTM Levels
EN 14683:2019
Delta P
Fluid Resistance(mmHg) : 160
ISO Class 7 under ISO 14644-1